Why Twill?

Getting your cargo from one side of the world to the other is a complicated, time consuming and error prone process.

Twill exists to make shipping simpler for you.

What do we actually offer you?

With Twill, shipping has never been simpler.
instant quotation

Instant quotation and booking

Twill provides instant quotes on your preferred trade lanes, so placing a booking is as easy (and quick) as possible

milestone transparency

Milestone transparency

Twill enables you to track your shipments across mission-critical milestones, so you always know at every moment where your cargo is

document managment

Simplify Paperwork

Twill acts as a single source for all shipping documentation - from customs forms, to invoices, to HBLs - so you never lose track of your paperwork

proactive exception managment

Proactive Customer Care

If an exception should arise, Twill proactively notifies you and partners with you to mitigate risk

What do our customers say about Twill?

“This is the simplest most effective platform available.”

“The support provided by the staff is second to none.”

“Wow! Is that it?”

“I always have clarity on where my cargo is!”

“I feel relieved to know what paper is needed when for each shipment.”

How do we Twill it?

We believe it is all about engaged people and state of the art technology!

We only hire the best people to serve you.

Through our selection process we make sure we get only the people with the best skills and above all the people with the right attitude to serve you.

We are obsessed with we making shipping simple for you.

We are constantly collecting feedback from our customers and our agile tech team delivers exciting new features every two weeks!

What is our success?

Your success.

Everything we do is making sure you have the time to focus on what matters to you.

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